Air Purification

“Indoor allergens and irritants have become much more important in recent decades because we're spending more time indoors. And because modern homes are airtight, these irritants can't easily escape. We're all exposed to a greater degree than we were three or four decades ago" - David Lang, head of Allergy/Immunology at the Cleveland Clinic

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Take the solution to the source

By going far beyond simple filtration and dust collection, active air purification can remove smoke, odors, odor-causing bacteria, airborne contaminants, and contaminants on surfaces that simply can’t be reached by other types of air purification. Treat the air and surfaces in your home on a continuous basis with NASA-inspired, FreshAir Certified Space Technology. Take smoke and odors away fast with the tried-and-true ClassicAir. And never travel without fresher indoor air with a FreshAir ToGo. Based on processes found in nature, Vollara’s air purification systems can bring the power of science and nature to you and your family.

Fresh air for your entire home

Treat up to 3000 square feet with just the press of a button.FreshAir Surround* provides coverage for the entire home, yet fits on top of a bookshelf. Complete with remote control, the FreshAir Surround places the power of active air purification at your fingertips. FreshAir sends out an “army” of safe and natural ions and pollution-controlling, odor-reducing, oxygen-rich ‘scrubbers’ for a fresher, safer indoor environment.


Just clean, “mountain fresh” air

With many of the same features as the FreshAir Surround, theFreshAir Everest utilizes ActivePure technology exclusively to offer an ozone-free option while providing the benefits of Vollara’s Certified Space Technology. With coverage of up to 3000 square feet, your living areas are protected continuously with the power of ActivePure to treat smoke, odors, odor-causing bacteria, and contaminants on surfaces.


 Just think outside – inside

The FreshAir Cube takes the cleansing power of sunlight and thunderstorms and puts them where you need it most. With up to 1500 square feet of coverage, FreshAir Cube is the compact way to deliver the benefits of Active Pure to the pollution source. Designed for smaller homes, offices, dorms, and living areas, and built around Vollara’s Certified Space Technology, FreshAir Cube is the air purfier that will have you thinking outside as you enjoy cleaner, fresher air inside.