A Career with HWP Solutions


Why HWP Solutions?
Health and wellness is now a huge market with hundreds of billions of dollars spent worldwide. Out of all those people, we have to ask: who wants to be partially healthy? The answer, of course, is NOBODY! HWP has a simple story based on a foundation of complete health focusing on cleaner air, pristine water, and cellular nutrition.
We know you’ve been told you are what you eat… but it’s not true! You are what you ABSORB! Everything else is either exhaled or expelled from your body. We understand this fundamental concept which is why HWP’s products are at the leading edge of science and technology in the essentials for good health.

And you are in the right place at the right time!

Our Market
HWP is already positioned in the health and wellness market with significant amounts of money already being spent on our products. To understand our potential, consider the different industry segments:

  • $30 billion per year Purified and Bottled Water
  • $40 billion per year Weight Loss
  • $30 billion per year Nutrition
  • $12 billion per year Laundry
  • $18 billion per year Allergy & Asthma

People Are Looking For Opportunity
With the upcoming “Second Baby Boom”, there are 60 million people in the U.S. between the ages of 15 and 30, and another 40 million between 5 and 15. That’s 100 million people set to enter our market in the next 20 years. Additionally, the NY Times reported in September of 2010 that more than 20% of the unemployed workforce is age 55 and older. These older job seekers often lack the specialized technical skills sought by newer employers which means there is a significant number of our older population in fear of never finding work again while still in need of income. Even home values have been cut so dramatically they are simply no longer a realistic source of support.

There’s one more chilling fact to consider: With only an additional $500 per month, a majority of recent bankruptcies and foreclosures could have been avoided.

Simply put, HWP offers hope – as an opportunity for your future and way to share with those who need it most. Millions need the products we offer and millions are searching for a chance to “turn things around” – you can be part of the answer today.