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Arnold Kairdolf

Arnold Kairdolf and Randy Mehlon first met at a Christian retreat while attending Istrouma Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2005. They shared a room together and that was the start of a great friendship. Arnold is originally from Baton Rouge while Randy is a native Hoosier, and grew up playing basketball. If you have seen the movie, Hoosiers that explains much of Randy’s youth.

Arnold and his wife Kathy moved back to Baton Rouge in 2003, having spent 15 years in San Diego California. While in San Diego, he worked in the education field; working with kids who had learning challenges (ADD, ADHD, dyslexia). This taught him how to become a great listener and always focus on what was being said. Since returning to Red Stick, Arnold has been selling real estate and raising Standard Poodles. Randy owns two of Arnold’s poodles and loves them. Arnold developed the skills to discover what is important to his buyers and the ability to put himself in his client’s shoes. This allows him to view the home selection process through their eyes. Arnold is energetic with a can do attitude to go the extra mile for his clients. Arnold likes to say, “Anyone can sell houses, I sell homes.”

Randy went to Tennessee Tech on a basketball scholarship and graduated with a master’s degree in chemical engineering and came to work for Dow Chemical in Plaquemine La, and lives in Baton Rouge. He married his college sweetheart, Julie, two years later. After 15 years of living in Louisiana and getting “Cajunized,” Randy, Julie and their three children moved back to Julie’s hometown, Oak Ridge Tennessee to be near her sick parents. The family moved back to Baton Rouge in 1998 and have been there ever since.

Arnold and Kathy have been married for 40 years and have two beautiful daughters and four grandchildren, while Randy and Julie have been married for 37 years with two sons, one daughter and two grandchildren. Arnold and Randy both like to say that in all that time their wives have never mentioned the word “DIVORCE.” However, they both have mentioned the word, “MURDER,” on more than one occasion.

Randy Mehlon

Randy and Arnold started this business quite by accident. In late 2015, Arnold had been asked to list a home. In the Real Estate business, there is an old saying: “If you can smell it , you can’t sell it.” When Arnold went to inspect the house and opened the front door he was hit with a strong smell of cats. Of course the owners couldn’t smell anything. Arnold discovered that the owners had turned one of the back bedrooms into a cattery. The two cats had been missing the litter box for three years. The cat urine had completely soaked through the carpet and pad and saturated the concrete slab. A friend told Arnold about a machine that could permanently remove the cat urine smell from the concrete  Arnold, in disbelief, but wanting to solve his client’s problem reluctantly purchased the machine. And to his amazement, after one weekend the cat urine smell was eradicated.

Meanwhile, his friend Randy was trying to clean the air in his house. Remember Randy had two standard poodles but also had two (you guessed it) cats. We do love cats though. He recognized how important clean air was to one’s health and wellness. He bought two worthless air filters off the internet that resulted in no help. He then had his entire A/C duct-work cleaned. They found mold growing in the duct-work. He panicked because he understood the dangers of breathing mold. The duct-work cleaners told him they could install a UV light system in his duct-work for $1500 and that would prevent future mold growth. When he got up from the floor, he told them no thanks. First of all he knew for a UV light system to kill mold particles they have to be one eighth of an inch from the light source and traveling slowly. That’s not the case in one’s duct work. Then he remembered about a brochure that Arnold had given him about two months prior. It was about a machine that eliminates smells and kills mold, bacteria and viruses. Randy called Arnold and told him to bring him a machine immediately. Arnold’s initial response was, “What machine are you talking about?” The machine had solved Arnold’s problem and he sort of forgot about it. Well the machine solved Randy’s problem.

Randy and Arnold realized the business opportunity and decided to start HPW Solutions. After getting into the business they discovered that the manufacturing company had several other amazing products. WOW, were they excited!

Randy started using two of the products: 1. Ionized alkaline water and 2. ReSults, an energy and weight loss supplements. The results have been more than amazing:

1. He has lost 78 pounds.  He lost the first 50 pounds without the benefit of ReSults which is the company’s new weight loss product. He will probably have to modify his eating habits to lose the next 37 and he is going to start exercising. He has said that exercise is important for one’s overall health but not a must for weight loss. He has proved it!

2. Randy has been able to eliminate his cholesterol lowering medication.  His total cholesterol is now about 150 and triglycerides are now down from 200 to 123.

3. Removing the water pill, hydrochlorothiazide was a huge victory for Randy.  The side effects of his drug to men are not inconsequential to say the least.

4. Always consult your physician before making any medical decisions.

5. Arnold has also been using these products and has lost substantial weight. Since Arnold didn’t have as much weight to lose as Randy his results are not quite as dramatic. Randy says that he will go into much more detail about how this worked in his upcoming book. Stay tuned.

Randy and Arnold are not only excited about the health benefits of these products but also the amazing business opportunity. Please consult their website for the details.